[Macular image changes of optical coherence tomography after phacoemulsification].

  title={[Macular image changes of optical coherence tomography after phacoemulsification].},
  author={Bing Cheng and Yi-zhi Liu and Xing Yi Liu and Jian Ge and Yunlan Ling and Xiaoping Zheng},
  journal={[Zhonghua yan ke za zhi] Chinese journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={38 5},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of phacoemulsification on the macula following uncomplicated phacoemulsification by optical coherence tomography (OCT). METHODS Eighty eyes of the senile cataract were chosen randomly. The uncomplicated phacoemulsification was performed. OCT was examined preoperatively and 1 week after the surgery. Preoperative visual acuity, the retinal thickness and phaco power were compared with those after surgery. RESULTS In 80 eyes, the preoperative mean foveal… CONTINUE READING

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