[MRI of portal cavernoma with biliary involvement].


PURPOSE To assess the value of MRI in the diagnosis of portal cavernoma with biliary obstruction. MATERIAL and methods: six patients referred for clinical suspicion of biliary obstruction and portal cavernoma were explored with MRI. all patients were explored using a signa 1.5 t GE MR unit, with high gradient field strength and torso phased array coil… (More)


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@article{Leclerc2002MRIOP, title={[MRI of portal cavernoma with biliary involvement].}, author={J. C. Leclerc and Lionel Cannard and Laurent Debelle and Valerie C. E. Laurent and S. B{\'e}ot and Doroth{\'e}e Regent}, journal={Journal de radiologie}, year={2002}, volume={83 3}, pages={341-9} }