[MRI characteristics of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage].

  title={[MRI characteristics of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage].},
  author={Stephan Felber and Alexandra Auer and Ch. Wolf and Michael Schocke and Stefan Golaszewski and B. Amort and Dieter Zurnedden},
  journal={Der Radiologe},
  volume={39 10},
We review the signal characteristics of intracerebral hematomas (ICH) on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with special emphasis on the diagnosis of intracerebral hemorrhage within the first hours after stroke.The detection of peracute ICH was evaluated in 42 patients of a prospective, MR randomized stroke trial. These patients underwent a protocol of T1 and T2 weighted sequences, diffusion weighted sequences and MR - angiography within 6 hours after onset of acute hemiparesis. The signal… CONTINUE READING

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