[MR tomography in glioblastomas and cerebral metastases].

  title={[MR tomography in glioblastomas and cerebral metastases].},
  author={Michael Just and Hans Peter Higer and Georg Vahldiek and Juergen Bohl and Michael Schwarz and St. Kunze and Peter Pfannenstiel},
  journal={Der Radiologe},
  volume={27 10},
36 Patients with glioblastomas (17 cases) and cerebral metastases (19 cases) were investigated by MRI. The typical signal behavior at different acquisition parameters (T1-, T1/T2-, Rho- and Rho/T2-weighted) was analysed using an interlaced triple sequence. In most cases the NMR-tissue parameter T1, T2 and proton-density (Rho) were determined to evaluate the potentials for tissue characterisation. The results of unenhanced vs. enhanced scans (MRI plus Gd-DTPA, CT) were analysed. 

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