[Lynch syndrome and microsatellite instability: a review].

  title={[Lynch syndrome and microsatellite instability: a review].},
  author={F Desselle and Gontran Verset and Marc Polus and Edouard V Louis and Douglas Van Daele},
  journal={Revue medicale de Liege},
  volume={67 12},
Microsatellite instability (MSI) phenotype occurs in approximately 15 to 24% of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients and may be sporadic or hereditary. It reflects a mutator phenotype in the tumor due to a lack of mismatch repair system. MSI is indeed one of the characteristics of CRCs occurring in Lynch syndrome and some sporadic cases. CRCs with MSI have a better prognosis than CRCs with microsatellite stability (MSS). This is explained partly by a more important anti-tumor immune response and by… CONTINUE READING