[Lung function of dust-exposed workers].

  title={[Lung function of dust-exposed workers].},
  author={Karl Hochgatterer and Hans-Peter Hutter and Hanns Moshammer and C Angerschmid},
  volume={65 8},
Workers exposed to dust have to undergo medical check-ups every 2 years including lung function testing. Here we report on the routine lung function data (FVC, FEV1, MEF50) of 994 workers from Austria. Lung function data were compared to the Austrian standard values that are based on routine testing of healthy volunteers. For all parameters the workers' values were significantly poorer than the Austrian standards (FVC: -0.4 l; FEV1: -0.5 l; MEF50: -0.9 l/s). The difference from the standard… CONTINUE READING