[Long-term socioeconomic outcome of lumbar disc microsurgery].


Lumbar disc surgery is frequently performed but only few long-term outcome studies have been published. To assess the socioeconomic long-term outcome after lumbar disc surgery this study was performed using the Functional Economic Rating scale developed by Prolo et al. in 1986. The study group, mailed a questionnaire, consisted of 663 patients (18 to 60… (More)


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@article{Deinsberger1997LongtermSO, title={[Long-term socioeconomic outcome of lumbar disc microsurgery].}, author={Wolfgang Deinsberger and I Wollesen and Andreas Joedicke and John C. Lenzen and D. K. Boeker}, journal={Zentralblatt fur Neurochirurgie}, year={1997}, volume={58 4}, pages={171-6} }