[Local therapy of Ewing sarcoma: radiotherapy aspects].

  title={[Local therapy of Ewing sarcoma: radiotherapy aspects].},
  author={Juergen Dunst and S Jabar and Michael Paulussen and Heribert J{\"u}rgens},
  journal={Klinische Padiatrie},
  volume={206 4},
In CESS 86, radiotherapy and surgery as local treatment modalities yielded the same survival rates. Irradiated patients developed more local recurrences as compared to surgically treated patients (14% versus 4%), but less systemic metastases (16% versus 28%). The local recurrence rate after definitive radiotherapy dropped from 50% in CESS 81 to 14% in CESS 86. This was probably caused by an earlier start of radiotherapy (in week 10 in CESS 86 as compared to week 19 in CESS 81) and the high… CONTINUE READING