[Lipiodol-CT for the detection of small hypovascular HCC].

  title={[Lipiodol-CT for the detection of small hypovascular HCC].},
  author={Kenji Ibukuro and Hirotsugu Fukuda and Katsuharu Mori and Shuichi Sato and Yusuke Inoue and Hiroko Fujino and Yoshiki Uta and Hitoshi Tagawa and N Unuma and Yukari Shichijo},
  journal={Rinsho hoshasen. Clinical radiography},
  volume={35 9},
To evaluate the diagnostic value of Lipiodol-CT for small hypovascular HCC, we injected 3 ml or less Lipiodol into the hepatic artery of patients with chronic liver disease and small SOL in the liver detected on echogram but not on angiogram. About seven days after injection CT was used to check for accumulation of Lipiodol in the liver SOL. We found that the sensitivity of this method for detection of hypovascular HCC is only 25%. We assume that Lipiodol does not accumulate in small… CONTINUE READING