[Light chain deposit disease: an anatomopathological entity].


The light chain deposition disease was recently identified as a systemic clinicopathological entity characterized by amorphous extracellular deposits which differ from the amyloid substance. Various organs may be involved, notably the kidney, the liver, the myocardium and the skin. The histopathological aspects were investigated in 3 cases. By… (More)


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@article{HoffmanGuilaine1984LightCD, title={[Light chain deposit disease: an anatomopathological entity].}, author={C Hoffman-Guilaine and Dominique Nochy and Viviane Tricottet and Luc Mallet and Jean Bari{\'e}ty and Jean Philippe Camilleri}, journal={Annales de pathologie}, year={1984}, volume={4 2}, pages={105-13} }