[Licorice-induced myopathy. Report of a new case].

  title={[Licorice-induced myopathy. Report of a new case].},
  author={Maurizio Gibertoni and Virginio Bonito and Alvaro Colombo and Annaida Falasca and Paolo Frigio Nichelli},
  journal={Rivista di patologia nervosa e mentale},
  volume={104 4},
A 64 year-old man, who had been ingesting 20 g of licorice daily for about five months, developed a progressive, diffuse muscle weakness, with myoglobinuria, severe hypokalemia and elevated serum muscle enzymes. Electromyography and muscle biopsy results were consistent with a necrotizing myopathy. Following licorice withdrawal and appropriate electrolyte… CONTINUE READING