[Lichenoid pityriasis (parapsoriasis guttata) in children. Report of 17 cases].


Seventeen cases of pityriasis lichenoides diagnosed over a nine-year period in children under 15 years of age are reported. Patients with this benign disease develop papular skin lesions covered with thick, coherent scales which detach in a single piece (reminiscent of sealing wax). Pruritus is not marked. Lesions may be necrotic (Mucha Habermann's small… (More)


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@article{Klene1991LichenoidP, title={[Lichenoid pityriasis (parapsoriasis guttata) in children. Report of 17 cases].}, author={Christiane Klene and Mariano Cony and Patrice Plantin and C Sanciaume and Valery Legrain and Ach Taieb and Jean Maleville}, journal={Annales de pediatrie}, year={1991}, volume={38 7}, pages={469-75} }