[Leptinemia in persons with acute myocardial infarct].

  title={[Leptinemia in persons with acute myocardial infarct].},
  author={David Stejskal and Viktor Rů{\vz}i{\vc}ka and Josef Bartek and D Horal{\'i}k},
  journal={Vnitrni lekarstvi},
  volume={44 10},
The purpose of the study was to verify whether the currently reported relationship between leptinemia and adipose tissue mass can be applied to cases of acute coronary attack. An increased number of cytokines has been reported in severe acute myocardial infarctions so that correlation between cytokines and leptin was investigated. Correlation between standard coronary markers and leptinemia was also studied. We examined 48 probands, patients of the Coronary Unit, Hospital, Sternberk, who were… CONTINUE READING

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