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[Lateral cervical chemodectoma].

  title={[Lateral cervical chemodectoma].},
  author={A. Pech and M. Cannoni and Jean Marc Thomassin and Michel Zanaret and J L Goubert},
  journal={Journal de chirurgie},
  volume={120 1},
Diagnostic and surgical features of lateral cervical chemodectomas are discussed in relation to a personal series of 13 patients with carotid body tumors and 7 with tumors of the intravagal glomus. Clinically, these affections are poor in symptomatology, those of the carotid glomus presenting as an isolated cervical tumor, intravagal glomus tumors as parapharyngeal masses of the retrostyloid type. Arteriographic findings are discussed in detail, as they constitute the only pathognomonic signs… 
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