[Laryngeal infection by Rhodococcus equi in patient with AIDS].

  title={[Laryngeal infection by Rhodococcus equi in patient with AIDS].},
  author={L Pardo Mateu and M Faubel Serra and M T Llavero Segovia and B Cano Cuenca and F P{\'e}rez Climent and F Gim{\'e}nez Va{\'i}llo and E Grau Alario and R L{\'a}zaro Santander},
  journal={Acta otorrinolaringologica espanola},
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The Rhodococcus equi is an aerobic gram positive pleomorphic bacillus, that was isolated for the first time like a producer of bronchopneumonia in young horses. Every time more often, it is being recognized as a pathogen in humans, mainly in the immunodepressed population. We described a case, until now exceptional, of laryngeal infection by Rhodococcus equi in a patient with positive serology for the virus of the human immunodeficiency (HIV), and we reviewed some clinical and epidemiological… CONTINUE READING