[Large cystic neurinoma: a case report].

  title={[Large cystic neurinoma: a case report].},
  author={Atsushi Miyagi and Kenkou Maeda and Takayuki Sugawara},
  journal={No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery},
  volume={25 7},
We report a case of large cystic acoustic neurinoma. A 52-year-old male was admitted to hospital with a history of progressive dysphagia, gait disturbance and diplopia for 2 months. On admission, neurological examinations revealed Bruns' type nystagmus to the left side, hypesthesia in the distribution of the second and third divisions of the left trigeminal nerve, and partial paresis of cranial nerves IX, X, and XII on the left side, and truncal ataxia. A pure-tone threshold audiogram indicated… CONTINUE READING