[Lacrimation disorders in workers chronically exposed to petroleum derivatives].

  title={[Lacrimation disorders in workers chronically exposed to petroleum derivatives].},
  author={Roman Goś and Adam Jarmak and D Korzycka and B Nowicz and Małgorzata Zdzieszyńska and Martin Goralczyk and T Sztarbała and Piotr Jurowski and M Gruntmeyer and Andrzej Kapica},
  journal={Medycyna pracy},
  volume={50 1},
Lacrimal fluid plays a very significant role in maintaining proper functions of conjuctivas, cornea and eyelids. The fluid is secreted by the main lacrimal gland and additional glands. It produces the so called preocular lacrimal film. A number of clinical tests, such as Chirmer's tests I and II, break-up-time (BUT), lysozyme, and flow tests are used in quantitative and qualitative analyses, as well as in the determination of the lacrimal film stability. The aim of work was to utilize these in… CONTINUE READING
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