[Kinetics of beta-lactamase inhibition by clavulanic acid].

  title={[Kinetics of beta-lactamase inhibition by clavulanic acid].},
  author={R. Labia and Jean P{\'e}duzzi},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={526 2},
The mechanisms of action of 3 R-factors on beta-lactamases (penicillin amido-beta-lactamhydrolase, EC (TEM-1 pI = 5.4, TEM-2 pI = 5.6 and Pitton's type 2 pI = 7.7) have been kinetically analyzed for clavulanic acid inactivation. Clavulanic acid appears as a competitive and irreversible inhibitor (Kcat inhibitor) reacting in two steps: a, formation… CONTINUE READING