[Kawasaki disease. Presentation of 8 cases].

  title={[Kawasaki disease. Presentation of 8 cases].},
  author={V Nebreda P{\'e}rez and E Sierra P{\'e}rez and M I Gonz{\'a}lez Alvarez and A Abella Jimeno},
  journal={Anales espanoles de pediatria},
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Clinical and laboratory findings in eight children seen in our department in the last seven years with Kawasaki's syndrome are described. Incidence in our area seems to be higher than it is in the whole country. Authors interested in transmitting their experience as general pediatricians, particularly on difficulties found to establish correct diagnosis in early stages of the disease. Therefore, they insist on the time at which signs, symptoms and laboratory data appeared. ECG was abnormal in… CONTINUE READING