[Juvenile glaucoma in Cameroon].

  title={[Juvenile glaucoma in Cameroon].},
  author={Augustin Ellong and C{\^o}me Ebana Mvogo and E Nyouma Moune and Assumpta Lucienne Bella-Hiag},
  journal={Bulletin de la Societe belge d'ophtalmologie},
AIM To determine the prevalence and the visual morbidity of juvenile glaucoma in an urban black population. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective analysis of 1343 files of glaucomatous patients was carried out from January 1991 to December 2001 at the Douala General Hospital in Cameroon (Central Africa). Ninety four of them had juvenile glaucoma. Of the patients, 54 (57.4%) were males and 40 (42.6%) were females. Each subject underwent the following investigations: visual acuity, visual field… CONTINUE READING