[Investigation on the health of people living near mobile telephone relay stations: I/Incidence according to distance and sex].

  title={[Investigation on the health of people living near mobile telephone relay stations: I/Incidence according to distance and sex].},
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Subjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations

Despite very low exposure to HF-EMF, effects on wellbeing and performance cannot be ruled out, as shown by recently obtained experimental results; however, mechanisms of action at these low levels are unknown.

Subjective complaints of people living near mobile phone base stations in Poland

The explanation why there was no correlation between the electric field strength and frequency of subjective symptoms but found a correlation between subjective symptoms and distance from base station needs further studies.

Mobile phone base stations-Effects on wellbeing and health.

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Awareness and Self-Reported Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves from Mobile Phone Towers in Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Pilot Study

A number of respondents mentioned recent health effects but the association with BTS could not be established, and awareness about the possible health hazards from EMW of BTS is low among the inhabitants of Dhaka city.

Subjective symptoms related to GSM radiation from mobile phone base stations: a cross-sectional study

It is observed that the incidence of most of the symptoms was related to exposure levels—independently of the demographic variables and some possible risk factors, and concerns about adverse effects from exposure, despite being strongly related with sleep disturbances, do not influence the direct association between exposure and sleep.

Personal exposure to mobile phone frequencies and well-being in adults: a cross-sectional study based on dosimetry.

The overall exposure to high‐frequency electromagnetic fields was markedly below the ICNIRP reference level and there was no statistically significant association between the exposure and chronic symptoms or between the Exposure and acute symptoms.

Health Effects of Mobile Tower Radiation on Human — Case Study

It was found that there was strong positive correlation between power density and health complaints with R2 value 0.853 and women were statistically more affected than male.

Mobile phone use, school electromagnetic field levels and related symptoms: a cross-sectional survey among 2150 high school students in Izmir

There is an association between mobile phone use and especially headache, concentration difficulties, fatigue, sleep disturbances and warming of the ear showing also dose-response, but no association with school EMF levels is found.



Bioelectrical Brain Activity in Workers Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields

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The results obtained showed that most of the employees operating radio and television installations, exposed to microwaves of 3-7,000 MHz frequency, complained of different nonspecific symptoms, such as excessive irritability, increased perspiration, headaches and dizziness, chest pains, etc .

Breast cancer mortality among female electrical workers in the United States.

The findings are broadly consistent with the hypothesis that exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields causes breast cancer among women, and encourage further investigation with improvements in study design and data quality.

Radio-frequency electromagnetic fields associated with cellular-radio cell-site antennas.

The instrumentation and measurement techniques used for this study described and the results were found to be well below accepted exposure limits even when extrapolated to simultaneous and continuous operation of the maximal number of transmitters that would be expected to be installed at a cell-site.

Radiofrequency (RF) Sickness in the Lilienfeld Study: An Effect of Modulated Microwaves?

A review of statistically significant health effects noted in the Lilienfeld Study provided evidence that the disregarded health conditions match the cluster attributed to the radiofrequency sickness syndrome, thus establishing a possible correlation between health effects and chronic exposure to low-intensity, modulated microwave radiation.

Measurement of low frequency magnetic fields from digital cellular telephones.

A study to determine the magnitude of these fields involved two models of digital telephones and found the highest value of the magnetic flux density was 1.8 microT (rms).