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[Introduction of psychological methods in neuropsychopharmacology].

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  • J. Maly, R. Quatember
  • Published 1973
  • Psychology
  • Zeitschrift fur klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie

Defence Mechanisms of Fertile and Infertile Women

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Comparative study of stress level between electrical engineering students and professional students of physical education of Sant Baba Bhag Singh University

This study was about to comparison of Stress level between the Electrical Engering students and Professional students of Physical Education. This study was based on current level of students that’s

The relationship between job satisfaction and social support for employees with chronic fatigue

Objective: Chronic fatigue as a permanent and debilitating disorder causes weakness in personal, social, and professional life of a person. Thus researchers pay the necessary attention to it, and

The Implementation of Cooperative Learning Model Based ACSI ( Action Cards Speak Independent ) to Improving Learning Outcomes and Students ’ Motivation in the School Chemistry 1 Subject of Chemistry Education Study Program FKIP

This study aims at improving learning outcomes and student motivation of Chemistry Education FKIP ULM through Cooperative Learning Model-based ACSI (Action Cards Speak Independent). This study used

A Comparative Study of Quality of Family, Social Relationships and Type D Personality in Cardiovascular Patients and Non-Patients

There is a significant difference between cardiovascular patients and control group in terms of quality of family and social relationships and Type D personality and cardiovascular patients have higher type D personality than normal people (P < 0.01).

Survey of training programs in clinical neuropsychology.

A survey of the membership of the International Neuropsychology Society with regard to patterns of training in clinical neuropsychology found significant variations in pre- and postdoctoral training and internship programs.