[Intracranial granulocytic sarcoma in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia].

  title={[Intracranial granulocytic sarcoma in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia].},
  author={Harue Obara and Shinjitsu Nishimura and Nakamasa Hayashi and Yoshihiro Numagami and Tomoo Inoue and Kohmei Kubo and Mitsuomi Kaimori and Michiaharu Nishijima},
  journal={No to shinkei = Brain and nerve},
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Granulocytic sarcoma (GS) is extramedullary tumor composed of immature leukemic cells. GS is presenting usually as a complication during the course of hematologic neoplasm, such as acute myeloblastic leukemia as well as myeloproliferative and myelodysplastic syndrome. The tumor was also called chroloma based on the green color of the tumorous mass. Central nervous system manifestations of GS are extremely rare. We report a 41-year-old man with acute leukemia type M7, who developed GS in the… CONTINUE READING