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[Intra-embryonic hematopoiesis in mice].

  title={[Intra-embryonic hematopoiesis in mice].},
  author={Ana Cumano and Juan A. Garc{\'i}a-Porrero and Françoise Dieterlen-Li{\'e}vre and Isabelle E. Godin},
  journal={Comptes rendus des seances de la Societe de biologie et de ses filiales},
  volume={189 4},
In vertebrate embryos, all hemopoietic tissues that are successively active during ontogeny (fetal liver, thymus, spleen and bone marrow) are colonized by extrinsic hemopoietic stem cells (HSC). The exception to this rule is the yolk sac (YS) whose progenitors arise in situ. Moreover, the YS is the first hemopoietic site to appear in the embryo. In consequence, it was considered as the primary source of the HSC that transfer from one site to the other until the demonstration that, in birds, the… CONTINUE READING