[Intra-and extracranial chondrosarcoma].

  title={[Intra-and extracranial chondrosarcoma].},
  author={T Tanaka and Satoshi Tani and Shiroh Nakahara and Tadayoshi Hashimoto and Shinichiro Ushigome},
  journal={No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery},
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A 17-year-old female, who had diplopia and progressive gait disturbance, had been diagnosed as having a right parasellar mass lesion in 1986. Initial CT scan failed to show a parasellar space occupying lesion, although it was well demonstrated on MRI. No surgery was carried out at that time. Seven years later, she was hospitalized because of progressive gait disturbance, lower cranial nerves palsy, and cerebellar sign as well as the known right abducence palsy. At this time, CT scan exhibited a… CONTINUE READING