[Intestinal parasitosis and hepatic cirrhosis].

  title={[Intestinal parasitosis and hepatic cirrhosis].},
  author={D Gaburri and Ana Karla Gaburri and E Hubner and Maria Honorina Cordeiro Lopes and Ana Maria Quinteiro Ribeiro and Gustavo Andrade de Paulo and F{\'a}bio Heleno de Lima Pace and Pedro Duarte Gaburri and Adilton Toledo Ornellas and Jose O. Ferreira and Julio MF Chebli and Lincoln E V V C Ferreira and A{\'e}cio Fl{\'a}vio Meirelles de Souza},
  journal={Arquivos de gastroenterologia},
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The authors describe their experience, in a prospective survey, with the prevalence rates of intestinal parasites in patients with hepatic cirrhosis admitted to the Gastroenterology Unit of University Hospital of Federal University in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, whose fresh stools were examined by Hoffman-Pons-Janner, Baermann-Moraes and Willis methods. They compare the results of stool exams with two control groups and look for a relation with cirrhosis' etiology. A higher prevalence of some… CONTINUE READING