[Internal migration. Geographic mobility: search for well-being].

  title={[Internal migration. Geographic mobility: search for well-being].},
  author={R Corona Vazquez},
Interstate migrations have increased in the past 4 decades in Mexico. The number of Mexicans living in a state other than that of origin increased from slightly over 2 million in 1940 to 5 million in 1960 and 11.6 in 1980. The 558% in migrants exceeded the growth of national population of 342% in the same years. 10.7% of the residents of Mexico were migrants in 1940, 14.5% in 1960, and 17.5% in 1980. There were 89.6 male per 100 female migrants in 1940 and 92.4 males per 100 females in 1980… CONTINUE READING