[Insect venom allergy. Removing the sting of killer bees!].

  title={[Insect venom allergy. Removing the sting of killer bees!].},
  author={Bernhard Przybilla},
  journal={MMW Fortschritte der Medizin},
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Systemic anaphylactic reactions to bee or wasp stings are potentially life-threatening. Up to 5% of the population are affected. In the large majority of patients, an insect venom allergy can be diagnosed on the basis of the medical history, skin tests and determination of venom-specific serum IgE antibodies. Sensitization to insect venom (only "positive" test results) and insect venom allergy ("positive" test results and a history of systemic reactions of the immediate type to stings) must be… CONTINUE READING