[Injuries of the condylar cartilage of the knee in athletes].


The authors have observed 8 traumatic, isolated lesions of the articular cartilage of the medial condyle of the knee in young athletes (7 football players, one judoka). The clinical, radiological signs are described. Arthrographs were usually negative. On microscopical examination, the cartilage was not pathological. Excision of the fractured cartilage gave… (More)


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@article{Gerard1976InjuriesOT, title={[Injuries of the condylar cartilage of the knee in athletes].}, author={Yvain Gerard and Phyllis Segal and Cath{\'e}rine Henry}, journal={Revue de chirurgie orthopedique et reparatrice de l'appareil moteur}, year={1976}, volume={62 2}, pages={245-52} }