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[Injuries caused by parasailing].

  title={[Injuries caused by parasailing].},
  author={M. Geyer and M. Beyer},
  journal={Der Unfallchirurg},
  volume={92 7},
The new sport of parasailing seems to be set to go through the same stages of enthusiasm, disillusionment and consolidation as hang gliding did some years ago. The high number of injuries we see in our clinic, which is in one of the areas of Germany where parasailing is most popular, shows that the phase of enthusiasm is still in full swing. A total of 48 injuries sustained during parasailing and treated in our clinic within 6 months were analyzed with reference to causes, patterns, and… 
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Paragliding accidents in remote areas.
Analysis of the causes of accident revealed pilot errors in all but three cases and an improved training program is necessary to lower the incidence of paragliding accidents.
[Injury patterns and typical stress situations in paragliding].
Analysis of typical injury mechanisms and statistics showed that the total rate of paragliding injuries has decreased in recent years for an increasing number of pilots, and qualified instruction with regular training, standardized development of safety equipment and consequent analysis ofParaglider injuries will help to improve the safety status in paragLiding.
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Injuries in paragliding caused by unpredictable situations can be minimised by using safer gliders in the beginner or intermediate category, improving protection systems, such as padded back protection, and improving pilot skills through performance and safety training.
Injuries in paragliding
Improvements in the instructor's knowledge and the pilot's training could have prevented most of the accidents and analysis of the mechanisms of the crashes and the pattern of trauma help to produce an efficient approach to diagnosis and treatment.
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The analysis of 152 accidents reveals typical trauma mechanism for the different flight positions in Parasailing, a new sport resulting in an increasing number of severe injuries.