[Influenza in the pediatric hospital unit at Antananarivo].

  title={[Influenza in the pediatric hospital unit at Antananarivo].},
  author={Honor{\'e} Raobijaona and Auguste Rakotondranaivo and D. R. Rakotoarimanana},
  journal={Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar},
  volume={65 1-2},
62 rhinopharingeal samples from malagasy children, aged of 6 days to 14 years old, hospitalized because of acute respiratory infections, with doubtful viral etiology case, during June to August 1992, at the "Hôpital des Enfants" in Antananarivo, were examined by two methods: inoculation by embryonned eggs and inoculation by MDCK cells. 24.1% of the samples… CONTINUE READING