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[Influence of cumulated sexual trauma on sexual life and relationship of a patient].

  title={[Influence of cumulated sexual trauma on sexual life and relationship of a patient].},
  author={Jerzy Sobański and Katarzyna Klasa and Katarzyna Cyranka and Lukasz M{\"u}ldner-Nieckowski and Edyta Dembińska and Krzysztof Rutkowski and Bogna Smiatek-Mazgaj and Michał Mielimąka},
  journal={Psychiatria polska},
  volume={48 4},
AIM The assessment of links of accumulated traumatic events of a sexual nature, recollected from the past, with the current functioning of the patients in the area of sexual life and relationship. MATERIAL AND METHODS Comorbidity of memories of traumatic sexual events from childhood and puberty in patients with the features of their current partner relationships and sexual life were analyzed on the basis of Live Inventory completed by 2,582 women and 1,347 men, before treatment in day… 

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