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[Influence of acute administration of ramipril on the excretion of uric acid].

  title={[Influence of acute administration of ramipril on the excretion of uric acid].},
  author={Michel Labeeuw and Nicole Pozet and P Y Zech and A Hadjaissa and J Finaz de Villaine and Maurice Laville},
  journal={Archives des maladies du coeur et des vaisseaux},
  volume={80 6},
The influence of a new ACEI, Ramipril (R) on renal handling of UA was investigated. 13 hypertensives with normal renal function received either R (10 mg p.o.) or placebo (P). Arterial pressure (AP), GFR (Inulin clearance), Renal Plasma Flow (RPF, PAH clearance), UA urinary excretion (UAV) and fractional clearance (FeAU: UA clearance/GFR) were studied for seven hours after drug administration. GFR remained stable in all cases. R had no effect on sodium excretion rate. Compared to P, R… 
Cardiovascular Drugs and Serum Uric Acid
  • A. J. Reyes
  • Medicine
    Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy
  • 2004
It may be theorised that the elevations in SUA induced by diuretics might contribute to the established favourable action of these agents on cardiovascular prognosis, and the cardiovascular implications of the response of SUA to drugs remain speculative.
Effects of a dual inhibitor of angiotensin converting enzyme and neutral endopeptidase, MDL 100,240, on endocrine and renal functions in healthy volunteers.
The increased fall in blood pressure in normal volunteers together with the preservation of renal hemodynamics and the increased urinary volume, atrial natriuretic peptide and cyclic GMP excretion distinguish MDL 100,240 as a double-enzyme inhibitor from inhibitors of the angiotensin converting enzyme alone.
Comparison of the effect of losartan versus candasartan on uric acid levels in hypertensive patients
Losartan is the drug of choice in patients with hypertension and hyperuricemia and gout, and was associated with a significant reduction in serum uric acid levels.
Effects of Losartan versus Enalapril on Serum Uric Acid Levels in Hypertensive Patients with Metabolic Syndrome
Losartan can be useful therapeutic agent to control blood pressure and to reduce serum uric acid level in hypertensive patients having markers of metabolic syndrome and hyperuricaemia.
Combination therapy with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and indapamide impairs glucose tolerance in Chinese hypertensive patients
Fos inopril+indapamide combination therapy impaired GT in Chinese hypertensive patients, and fosinopril alone was able to reverse fosInopril-induced GT impairment in part of these patients.
Effects of captopril and amlodipine on serum uric acid in type 2diabetic hypertensive patients.
A significantly higher levels of uric acid were found in the diabetic type 2 diabetic hypertensive patients as compared with control group and a significant drop ofUric acid was noted after treatment with both captopril and amlodipine.
Elevated serum uric acid levels in metabolic syndrome: an active component or an innocent bystander?
Lifestyle measures together with the judicious selection of drugs for the treatment of hypertension, dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance associated with MetS may result in a reduction of SUA levels and possibly cardiovascular disease risk.