[Infiltration length of gastric cancer on giant sections].


BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE The resection boundary for gastric cancer is controversial. The study was designed to investigate gastric wall infiltration length of gastric cancer. METHODS A total of 105 patients with gastric cancer who underwent gastrectomy at Cancer Center of Sun Yat-sen University from Apr. 2002 to Feb. 2004 were eligible. During gastrectomy… (More)


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@article{Xu2005InfiltrationLO, title={[Infiltration length of gastric cancer on giant sections].}, author={Dazhi Xu and You-qing Zhan and Qiu-liang Wu and Ying-Rong Lai and Wei Li and Ying-Bo Chen and Xiaowei Sun and Li Xu and Yuan-xiang Guan and Yuan-Fang Li}, journal={Ai zheng = Aizheng = Chinese journal of cancer}, year={2005}, volume={24 6}, pages={707-10} }