[Infertility over forty: Pros and cons of IVF].

  title={[Infertility over forty: Pros and cons of IVF].},
  author={Jo{\"e}lle C. Belaisch-Allart and V Maget and J-M Mayenga and I Grefenstette and Albert Chouraqui and Y Belaid and Olivier Kulski},
  journal={Gynecologie, obstetrique & fertilite},
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The population attempting pregnancy and having babies is ageing. The declining fertility potential and the late age of motherhood are increasing significantly the number of patients over forty consulting infertility specialists. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) cannot compensate the natural decline in fertility with age. In France, in public hospital, ART is free of charge for women until 43 years, over 43, social insurance does not reimburse ART. Hence, 43 years is the usual limit, but… CONTINUE READING