[Infectious complications in necrotizing pancreatitis].

  title={[Infectious complications in necrotizing pancreatitis].},
  author={Jens Werner and Markus W. B{\"u}chler},
  journal={Zentralblatt fur Chirurgie},
  volume={132 5},
Patients with CT evidence of more than 50 % necrosis, or an increased CRP or procalcitonin are at risk of developing severe pancreatitis and septic complications and should be monitored in an intensive care unit. ERCP and sphincterotomy are indicated in patients with biliary pancreatitis and impacted gall stones, biliary sepsis, or obstructive jaundice. In septic patients with necrotizing pancreatitis, a FNA should be performed for differentiation of sterile and infected pancreatic necrosis… CONTINUE READING
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