[Incidence of congenital infections].

  title={[Incidence of congenital infections].},
  author={Karl -Heinz Friese and Matthias Beichert and Herbert Hof and Wolfgang Weikel and Dietmar Falke and R Sickinger and Frank Melchert},
  journal={Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde},
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The discussions on the pros and cons of obstetric screening for connatal infections have been going on for years. We, therefore, conducted a prevalence study of the most common connatal infections. HIV infection, rubella and syphilis were not subjects of this study. We analysed the relevance of these infections in 512 pregnant women and their newborn infants at the moment of delivery. Further serological tests were run three months post partum, if necessary even for a longer period. Cytomegaly… CONTINUE READING