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[Improvements in detection of rectal cancer recurrence by multiplanar reconstruction].

  title={[Improvements in detection of rectal cancer recurrence by multiplanar reconstruction].},
  author={C. St{\"u}ckle and K. Haegele and M. Jendreck and R. Kickuth and O. Schneider and G. Hohlbach and D. Liermann},
  journal={Der Radiologe},
  volume={45 10},
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PURPOSE To evaluate the advantages of multiplanar reconstruction and different axial slice thickness in diagnostic of rectal cancer recurrence after operation and radiotherapy. METHOD We included 83 patients after operation and radiotherapy of rectal cancer in this study. All patients got a minimum of three CT-examinations in their follow-up program. A total of 294 CT-scans were evaluated. Each examination was reviewed by two experienced radiologists in respect to recurrence. Each examination… Expand
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