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[Immunotoxicity of metals and protective function of pineal factors].

  title={[Immunotoxicity of metals and protective function of pineal factors].},
  author={{\'E}. B. Abrushanian and K. S. El'bekian},
  journal={Biomeditsinskaia khimiia},
  volume={52 6},
Analysis of the literature data shows that different metals has immunotoxical properties. Biological active compounds of the pineal gland and especially its main hormone, melatonin decreased of toxic shifts through normalization of immune state. 
Integrated Approach to Immunotoxicity: Electron Transfer, Reactive Oxygen Species, Antioxidants, Cell Signaling, and Receptors
As with all body organs, the immune system is subjected to attack by a variety of toxins. Serious consequences can result because the immune organs serve as a defense against infective agents. TheExpand