[Immunologic risks of blood transfusion and public health].

  title={[Immunologic risks of blood transfusion and public health].},
  author={Philippe Rouger and Eric Hergon and P-Y Le Pennec and Philippe Garnerin and Alain-Jacques Valleron},
  journal={Transfusion clinique et biologique : journal de la Societe francaise de transfusion sanguine},
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The general objective is the study, through scientific approaches, of the main components of immunological risks linked to red blood cell transfusions, as well as their consequences, in order to define precise rules for prevention, taking into account that 2,700,000 units were transfused in 1992. To reach this general aim, five intermediary objectives have to be achieved: 1) The sentinel study of the methodology used to collect information about transfusion accidents, as well as their… CONTINUE READING