[Illness behavior and depression in tinnitus patients].

  title={[Illness behavior and depression in tinnitus patients].},
  author={Rainer Sch{\"o}nweiler and C Neuschulte and G. H. Paar},
  journal={Laryngo- rhino- otologie},
  volume={68 5},
Tinnitus patients often complain of psychosomatic disorders and of problems in social life. We intended to prove the modulation of tinnitus perception by psychosocial factors. We examined 48 tinnitus patients, 35 with and 13 without hearing loss. A control group of 48 patients without tinnitus, without hearing disorder and without tumor disease was adapted to correspond to the tinnitus group in respect of age, sex and social factors. A quantitative assessment of complaints as well as of the… CONTINUE READING

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