[Idiopathic localized paroxysmal hyperhidrosis. Treatment with clonidine].

  title={[Idiopathic localized paroxysmal hyperhidrosis. Treatment with clonidine].},
  author={Izzie Namer and T{\"u}lay Kansu and T. Zileli},
  journal={Revue neurologique},
  volume={142 8-9},
Paroxysmal localized hyperhidrosis is a rare sign of a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. It has been reported in association with peripheral nerve, spinal cord and hypothalamic lesions and in some cases the etiology is unidentified. We present 12 cases of idiopathic paroxysmal localized hyperhidrosis and discuss the therapeutic effect and possible mechanism of clonidine which is a specific central nervous system alpha 2--adrenergic receptor agonist.