[Identification of gentianae macrophyllae radix using the ITS2 barcodes].

  title={[Identification of gentianae macrophyllae radix using the ITS2 barcodes].},
  author={Kun Luo and Pei Lian Ma and Hui Yao and Tian-yi Xin and Yan Hu and Si-hao Zheng and Linfang Huang and Jun Liu and Jingyuan Song},
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DNA barcoding is a rapidly developing frontier technology in the world and will be useful in promoting the quality control and standardization of traditional Chinese medicine. Until now, many studies concerning DNA barcoding have focused on leaf samples but rarely on Chinese herbal medicine. There are three issues involved in DNA barcoding for traditional Chinese medicinal materials: (1) the extraction methods for total DNA of the rhizomes of the medicinal materials; (2) intra-specific… CONTINUE READING