[Iatrogenic stenosis of the urethra. Apropos of 67 cases].

  title={[Iatrogenic stenosis of the urethra. Apropos of 67 cases].},
  author={H. Boujnah and N. M'hiri and Ali Fawzi Mosbah and Sonja Zmerli},
  journal={Journal d'urologie},
  volume={91 3},
Iatrogenic causes of stenosis of urethra appear to be increasing in frequency, 67 cases out of a total of 400 patients seen between 1974 and 1981 being of iatrogenic origin. The principal cause is the use of a urethral catheter, since it was the only etiologic factor in 32 cases and the main factor in the remaining patients. Various therapeutic methods are used, preference being given quite clearly to internal urethrotomy. Prevention is of fundamental importance and is based on the less… CONTINUE READING

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