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[IGg4 related autoimmune hepatitis].

  title={[IGg4 related autoimmune hepatitis].},
  author={Orly Sneh Arbib and Michal Becker Cohen and Marius Braun},
  volume={151 12},
          696-8, 720
  • Orly Sneh Arbib, Michal Becker Cohen, Marius Braun
  • Published in Harefuah 2012
  • Medicine
  • A 50-year-old man was investigated for painless jaundice. The histologic pattern on the liver biopsy study met the criteria of autoimmune hepatitis. Further clinical and laboratory investigation revealed multi-organ involvement, including Mikulicz's disease of the salivary glands and pancreatic insufficiency. The diagnosis of IgG4-related disease was suggested by a finding of elevated blood levels of IgG4. IgG4-related disease is an inflammatory fibrosing condition characterized by T-cell… CONTINUE READING

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