[Hypertension and menopausal hormone therapy].

  title={[Hypertension and menopausal hormone therapy].},
  author={Claire Mounier-Vehier and Th{\'e}odora Angoulvant and J M Boivin and Genevi{\`e}ve Plu-Bureau},
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Hormonal factors moderate the associations between vascular risk factors and white matter hyperintensities.

In men with testosterone levels one standard deviation higher than the mean value, smoking was associated with 27.8% higher white matter hyperintensities volumes in the whole brain, and in women with a shorter post-menopause duration, diabetes and higher pulse wave velocity were associated with 28.8%.

The imbalance in the aortic ceramide/sphingosine-1-phosphate rheostat in ovariectomized rats and the preventive effect of estrogen

Ovariectomy resulted in the imbalance of the aortic ceramide/S1P rheostat in rats, which may be a potential mechanism underlying the increase in SBP and PP among perimenopausal women.