[Hyperparathyroidism in deficiency rickets. Changes after vitamin therapy].

  title={[Hyperparathyroidism in deficiency rickets. Changes after vitamin therapy].},
  author={Eric Mallet and Souad Bousnina and Philippe Tron and J P Basuyau and P H Brunelle and C H de M{\'e}nibus},
  journal={Archives francaises de pediatrie},
  volume={34 7},
The study concerned 16 cases of deficiency rickets observed over 3 years. The level of serum parathyroid (IPTH) hormone was always increased in the late stages of rickets, but was normal in 3 cases of early rickets with hypocalcaemia and monophosphataemia. There was no statistical correlation between the level of IPTH and monophosphataemia. There was no… CONTINUE READING