[Hyperhomocysteinemia during pregnancy as a risk factor of preeclampsia].

  title={[Hyperhomocysteinemia during pregnancy as a risk factor of preeclampsia].},
  author={Eva L{\'o}pez-Quesada and Eva Also-Rayo and Mar{\'i}a Ant{\`o}nia Vilaseca},
  journal={Medicina clinica},
  volume={121 9},
A revision about the role of hyperhomocysteinemia in the development of preeclampsia is presented, which summarises our experience in different biochemical and genetic points in relation to this possible association. Plasma total homocysteine concentrations (tHcy) during pregnancy were significantly lower than those of non-pregnant women: 2nd trimester (median, 5.3 micromol/l; range, 3.1-10.0 micromol/l); 3rd trimester (median, 6.3 micromol/l; range, 3.2-13.0 micromol/l). Hyperhomocysteinemia… CONTINUE READING