[Human mini-antibodies to orthopoxviruses].

  title={[Human mini-antibodies to orthopoxviruses].},
  author={V Morozova and Nina V. Tikunova and Tatiana Alexandrovna Batanova and T E Iun and Evgeniy I Bovshik and Elena V Zhirakovskaia and V V Voronina and D I Bobko and Evgeny F Belanov and Alexander A Il'ichev and L. S. Sandakhchiev},
  journal={Vestnik Rossiiskoi akademii meditsinskikh nauk},
A library of human scFv antibodies displayed on the surface of bacteriophages (MRC, Cambridge, England) was panned against the Elstree strain of vaccinia virus (VACV), which resulted in the phage repertoire enriched with clones positive to the strain. Individual clones from the repertoire were screened for binding, independently, to the vaccinia and ectromelia viruses; phage antibodies to the orthopoxviruses were selected. Ten unique antibodies were identified after their Vh- and Vl-genes were… CONTINUE READING