[Human infertility: meiotic genes as potential candidates].

  title={[Human infertility: meiotic genes as potential candidates].},
  author={B{\'e}atrice Mandon-P{\'e}pin and C{\'e}line Derbois and Fumi Matsuda and Corinne Cotinot and Debra J. Wolgemuth and Kathryn Smith and Ken Mcelreavey and Alain Nicolas and M. Fellous},
  journal={Gynecologie, obstetrique & fertilite},
  volume={30 10},
Up to now, the identification of gene mutations causing infertility in humans remains poorly investigated. Temporal progression through meiosis and meiosis specific genes had been extensively characterized in yeast. Recently some mammalian homologous were found. The molecular mechanisms regulating entry into and progression through meiosis in mammals are still unknown. However, disruption of some meiotic genes in mouse showed an essential role of them in meiotic chromosome synapsis and… CONTINUE READING


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